On the Street. Walk the Australian Silky Terrier, Laru, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Going with Australian Silky Terrier.

We have earlier discussed here at Flash For Zonzon about the similarity that dogs and their owners have. Recently I have spotted new candidates to this dog and his best friend -series. This lady with her Australian Silky Terrier form a lovely pair. The colour harmony is perfect and they are both tiny and – erm – silky.


On the Street. Pleated Skirt, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pleated Skirt and Beret.

Before I visited Design Market in Cable Factory few weeks ago I predicted that there would be a lot of design oriented people to draw afterwards. Sure there was, but the hassle with all the products and masses of people cause such a mess to nerves that it is almost impossible to be able to focus on style hunting.

Nonetheless I succeeded to see this girl. It was her beret that drew attention. The black beret that continues with black hair and jacket. In between is a color burst of primary colors in the form of pleated skirt, which seems to be somewhat hot item at the moment.

Interesting detail is the black ankle socks. Say, fifteen years ago it would be out of question to wear socks in this way. It was either stockings or some other way that sock does not cut off the leg line. In sports it was possible but with skirt? Come on, no way. And now this ankle socks with any style goes fine. Oh times they are changing.

Street Style Helsinki. Granny with Beret.

In Helsinki a beret is commonly used by older women. There is a blog post in Flash For Zonzon about the fact in archive with this illustration. Fun is that the look of this young girl is kind of similar to the old lady. I have always gazed the style of older people. With years of experience they can be the most fearless to go on their own way.


On the Street. The Return of Mr X, Lauttasaari Bridge, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Leather jacket and flared pants.

Remember our old friend Mr X? I succeeded to spot him on his apparently daily walk to city and back to Lauttasaari -island. Stylish as always. Nowadays, while everybody else goes in most narrow legged pants this master of style relies on his senses and takes flared pants instead and combines them with fitting leather jacket. Who cares about fashion when you can be stylish instead!

If you are keen on previous stories about Mr X click the tag mr-x below or in the Labels-cloud.


On the Street. Monday Blue, Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Street Style. Dressing up in blue tones.

Sometimes on Mondays look at people’s faces is fun. Early on the morning while waiting for a bus life may feel a bit overwhelming. In particular, I like this guy style how he is dressed in different tones of blue. Probably red shirt wasn’t an option. The state of mind as he was, color blue is probably giving some consolation on early Monday morning feeling.

Color affects our mind and our mood affects to what color we can bear or what color we absolutely need to wear on that specific mood. It’s not everyday that bright vivid colors feel good. But sometimes it feels the only right way to dress up. Color in clothes is an emotional thing.


On the Street. Twinkle Star Fairy, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

Street Style. Starshirt Fairy.

It was a splendid sunny autumn day when – for a while – I thought I saw the Fairy. Someone walked towards me gleaming in sunshine. Blue hair flying around. Coming closer I realized it was big glittery stars on her sweater that reflected the sunshine so effectively. The long hair was dyed halfway to blue colour. That’s my fairy all right.


On the Street. Harmonious Family, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street Style. Harmonious family in blue and grey.

Oh yes indeed, this little family seemed like being harmonious. Not only in their mutual relations, but also their colour tones suited so nicely with each other. It was a rainy day and these blues and greys reflected the mood perfectly. And still a little bit stripes and dots to cheer up the look.


On the Street. Yellow Pullover Girl, Kaapelitehdas Helsinki.

This yellow pullover girl is perfect symbol for this particular season. Goodbye Summer, welcome Autumn. I saw her near Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas), which will be the venue for big design sales happening this weekend. Therefore all design oriented people, Design Market is your place to go.

Besides, the participant list is on the website is a good one if you are interested in contemporary Finnish Design. I for sure will visit Design Market. Let’s see if I happen to see some interesting characters to draw afterwards.


My Style. Looking At Mirror And What Did I See.

dots and plaid

I haven’t seen anything spectacular lately on the streets so I think why not look at the mirror for a change. In Summer = lot of light = I love to dress up in light tones. Part of the fun is to mix my favorite patterns; stripes, plaid and dots. Mostly two at a time. Colour palette is something like white, sky blue, sand, pale gray. And the mood is good.

Summer colour cart

There is also another reason to look at the mirror. To be more concrete inside my head. I’m taking part in an online class for illustrators. There I’m supposed to analyze and think various mind blowing questions like What do you want to achieve with your illustrations.

dots and stipes with sky blue skirt

When I was blogging the first year here at Flash For Zonzon I showed this blog to one lady - let’s call her lady Portal - who had started a blog portal for Finnish Fashion Bloggers. I was curious to hear her opinion. She looked at this blog instantly from laptop. At that point I had some ten posts done. After a while she aroused her eyes and asked me with a slight amount of suspicion in her voice: Where are you heading with this?

I was like: Uuuu, I like to draw…

Shirt with dots

At that point I hadn’t really thought it too much. I started this blog four years ago as a sidekick from my daily job as graphic design and entrepreneur. That is so much computer-related work. So I needed a way to experiment with traditional illustration techniques like watercolor, ink, pastel, color pencils, line drawing, paper cut and mixed media of all of these.

To do illustrations without a need to please anybody else than me is pure joy. Feeling the connection straight from head to hand is utmost relaxing. (By the way, that’s the secret of nowadays popular adults coloring books.) Of course  one important aspect was to get a way to express my ideas related with clothing. I am a cloth designer for first profession, anyway. Relax and have fun. With the idea that if I have fun making it maybe the audience will like it too.

Dots pattern, ping pong

 Lady Portal apparently thought that what’s the point using time and energy for a blog with no ads, no photographs of the outfit-of-the-day, no connections with clothing brands, no shopping tips where to get this and that style, no followers. In other words no nothing that is typical for fashion blogs as we know it.

Okay, but now let’s face it. My secret subconscious plan with this blog has been to become a better illustrator. At least I get an ever growing portfolio of illustrations along blogging. Maybe some day I get commissions through blog to do fashion illustrations to some media, fashion house, clothing brand, magazine, what ever. But with hands full of graphic design customer work and family life I haven’t time to do any marketing for my illustrations. I have thought that by chance the illustration work may come.

But it haven’t.
Truth is that a blog like this is like an ant sailing Ocean with a blade of grass. The possibility to run into ground is pretty minimal.

Another thing is the ping pong in my head. Is my illustration any good? I know that the duo with my stories and illustrations is okay, but illustrations alone? Does anybody need fashion illustration? Do I loose the joy of drawing if I do it on demand? But maybe then I might be able to really concentrate on making pics. Now everything is done pretty fast after 9PM when kids have gone to sleep. What would the quality of my illustrations be if I could use more time making it? And so on.

Dots pattern ping pong

Well, it’s time to do an action plan. How to find a sensible not time-eating way to promote illustrations or do some profitable things with this blog. The sad truth is that I have so much ideas in my head. Really, is it sad? Ideas for blog posts, for products, for patterns (which I’d love to concentrate on). Should I fill a lottery coupon to pay my bills for a while?

By taking part of the previously mentioned online illustration class I have promised myself that I try to move on with my ideas with Flash For Zonzon. First step is to do a online portfolio of the créme de la créme illustrations. Then I’m working on at least to get some products alive sooner or later. Like postcards or T-shirt prints for example. Small steps, little by little. Can you hear my war cry in your ears yet?

* * *
Thanks for reading my whole outburst. I promise this will not happen too often.

PS. The canvas shoes are still alive that perform in the third picture. Four summers and still kicking.


On the Street. Comfortable Travel Outfit, Esplanadi, Helsinki.

Street Style. Comfortable Travel Outfit, Esplanadi, Helsinki.

I’m back in hometown Helsinki again after refreshing month in the woods. I visited the center and realised that Helsinki is full of tourists. There is certain hallmarks of which a tourist stands out from city habitants. Sun hat, map in hand, eager look in eyes ready to spot something peculiar.

While travelling it’s wise to pack tricot clothes in order to avoid ironing or end up looking like wrinkled along the journey. This lady had realised this idea profoundly. Layering black tricot all the way and in addition interesting fluttering shape.


On the Street. Captain Cap Makes the Style, Skåldö.

Street Style. Captain Cap Makes the Style.

After one month stay in the countryside there is not much to tell about street style. The only one that has turned my head is this older gentleman. I have seen him three times during a visit to a local store in boat harbor. He takes care of the vegetables and strawberries sale and has had exactly same look every time. Light-colored shirt, red scarf tied to the neck, blue captain cap and big grey mustache. Apparently he dresses like this every single day in his life.

Really it is very useful when you come up with some particular style. Then it’s wise to keep it and never again have any doubts what to wear. If the corner stones of the style have some character you end up giving more interesting impression than average. Like this chap here.

Hands back walk style

Another thing is this posture. I have noticed the habit of older men walking with their hands behind their back. You know, the walking style with hands crossed to back, upper body bent forward, staring expression in the eyes, field of view up to five meters ahead. I wonder what exactly is the age when this hand tied behind back -habit strikes a man, because it seems that this manner is never seen with men under fifty years. What is the secret behind it that all the men seem to realize?